How to try to have a heat day!

Wake up in the morning get out of bed , stretch and say Thank you Jesus for this wonderful,, beautiful day. And thank you for another beautiful day! From that point on, let yourself be happy, productive, and get something done that you have been putting off! Let Jesus guide you through your day, and it will be a heat day! Everyday we wake up should be a great day and be thankful to Jesus for another day of life!!

Dawn Rose

Find it

There is something beautiful in everyday, you just have to find it! Let’s face it we all have bad day’s, but we control our lives, actions and emotion’s. We need to learn to ground ourselves so we can change how we are feeling that day. Thus finding something beautiful in everyday!


I just wanted to say hello and I am almost done with my site, no name yet, need to think about it!!!  I hope to get to know some of you, friendship is always a good thing!!!!! And maybe get tips about what or how to do things to make things better!

Have a great night,

Dawn Rose